Logan Airport Parking

Save Big on Logan Airport Parking: Affordable Offsite Options with Convenient Shuttles

Affordable Logan Airport Parking: Compare Onsite and Offsite Rates

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Your Ultimate Guide to Logan Airport Parking Options

Logan Airport Onsite Parking Rates: Logan International Airport offers several parking options with varying rates:

  1. Central Parking Garage (Closest to all terminals):
    • First hour: $9
    • 1 to 2 hours: $23
    • 2 to 3 hours: $28
    • 3 to 4 hours: $32
    • 4 to 7 hours: $36
    • Daily Max: $41
    • One day and 0 to 6 hours: $62
    • One day and 6 to 24 hours: $82
    • Each additional day: $41
  2. Terminal B Garage:
    • Same rates as the Central Parking Garage.
  3. Economy Parking (Most affordable onsite option):
    • First hour: $9
    • 1 to 2 hours: $22
    • 2 to 3 hours: $24
    • 3 to 4 hours: $27
    • Daily Max: $32
    • One day and 0 to 6 hours: $48
    • One day and 6 to 24 hours: $64
    • Each additional day: $32​

Discover Economical Offsite Parking Near Logan Airport with Premium Shuttle Services

Offsite Parking Options: Offsite parking near Logan Airport offers more economical choices with additional benefits like shuttle services. For example:

  1. Park Shuttle and Fly:
    • Rates start from $10 per day.
    • 24-hour shuttle service to and from the airport.
  2. Select Airport Valet Parking:
    • Rates vary but are generally lower than onsite options.
    • On-demand shuttle service and additional services like car washes.
  3. PreFlight Airport Parking:
    • Rates start around $12 per day.
    • Offers amenities like free USA Today, battery jump services, and tire inflation with frequent shuttles every 4-6 minutes.
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Your Ultimate Guide to Logan Airport Parking Options

When considering offsite parking, you can benefit from significantly lower rates and convenient shuttle services that ensure you reach your terminal without hassle. For instance, booking in advance with offsite providers can get you rates as low as $10 per day, compared to $32 at the Economy lot at Logan Airport. This means you can make a smart financial decision and save a substantial amount on your parking expenses. Additionally, offsite parking often provides more personalized services, such as valet options and car maintenance services while you’re away.

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Maximize Savings and Convenience with Offsite Parking Near Logan Airport

Choosing offsite parking over onsite airport parking at Logan Airport has significant advantages. First and foremost, offsite parking is considerably more cost-effective. Rates at offsite parking facilities can be as low as $10 per day, significantly cheaper than the $32 daily rate for Logan Airport’s Economy Parking. Additionally, many offsite parking providers offer discounts for long-term parking, reducing the cost for travelers who must leave their vehicles for extended periods. This affordability does not come at the expense of convenience. Offsite parking lots often provide frequent and complimentary shuttle services that run around the clock, ensuring you can get to and from the airport terminals quickly and easily​.

Moreover, offsite parking facilities frequently offer additional amenities that enhance the overall experience. For instance, services such as car washes, oil changes, and valet options are often available, allowing you to take care of your vehicle while you travel. Some offsite lots even provide extra perks like complimentary newspapers and assistance with luggage, adding value to your parking choice. These benefits, combined with the lower cost and convenience of 24-hour shuttle services, make offsite parking a desirable option for savvy travelers looking to save money and enjoy a stress-free journey.​

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